Ask A Cam Harlot is a spin-off series by Progress the Series — one of the best series online, by the way!

Gizzy B and I filmed two episodes for the series and here is the teaser video! Can you spot me?


I’m really hoping I didn’t f*ck things up too much, since they got such cool and actual amazing actors to be a part of the show. This is my first (and probably last… lol) official acting gig and I’m a bit scared of how it’s going to turn out, haha… I ruin things, guys. I got to play a time traveler so I channeled my inner Doctor Who for our character. I play Giselle’s future counterpart… that’s hilarious already, right??

The production behind this show is strong though and I’m sure they will fix whatever I mess up. Can’t wait for it to come out, and you are all free to laugh at me profusely. As long as people are laughing (with me OR at me), I’ll be happy. ;)