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Last week I wrote this piece for Comic Book Resources about the new Teen Titans #1 cover. The point of the piece was hey, there’s a broad demographic DC *could* be hitting with this book but the cover is certainly not made for that potential demographic. Instead, it’s more of the same-old,…

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deep sea mermaids

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The other day I posted this tweet:

"Wait they cast a white chick for Tiger Lily in the new Peter Pan? Did they not remember Lone Ranger last year? Or, you know, racism?"

(If you didn’t hear, Rooney Mara is supposedly playing Tiger Lily, who is a princess of the “Native” tribe, in the…

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Tiger in Paris.

Tiger in Paris.

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Nothing can compare to my love for this dog. 

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Now HE is a role-model

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

they criticize him because they aren’t brave enough to emulate him.

Wow, this is awesome!

So, you know, you mention the Tupamaros as a “robin hood organization” and don’t mention that they were a Marxist group, because that word is scary to liberals.

And the post kinda glosses over that the country was at the time, under a military Junta.

Jose Mujica is so much better than this photoset

Re-reblogging for the above.

Real leadership, comrades.

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Batman and Batman


Batman and Batman

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"And I think to his defense, Tolkien was writing in 1937. You know, the world is a different place today and I keep repeatedly telling people that in this day and age to put nine hours of cinema entertainment in the theaters for young girls to go and watch and not have one female character is subliminally telling them you don’t count, you’re not important and you’re not pivotal to story. And I just think that they were very brave and very right in saying we won’t do that to the young female audience who come and watch our film. And not just the young female audience but even a woman of my own age, I think it’s time that we stop making stories that are only about men especially only about heroic men and I love that they made Tauriel a hero."

Evangeline Lilly, Desolation of Smaug world premiere press conference

Whether you like Tauriel or not, I think Evangeline makes a great point about adapting Tolkien’s works to our age and how vital it is to incorporate a feminine perspective in fantasy worlds when previously that was not emphasized at all. Even still female representation in fantasy is lacking, and I think it’s great that Evangeline clearly observes the need for characters like Tauriel to round out these narratives and demonstrate that women do have a place in the fantasy genre.

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"I have a feeling that one day, we’re all just gonna end up in a mental hospital… fandom mental hospital, and I’m pretty convinced that you’ll be able to tell who belonged to which fandom…" [x]

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We have a new candidate for asshole of the year.

And how precious is it that this man decided that he gets to define something which overwhelmingly affects women more than men? It’s just adorable. As Bilmon said, "Leaving aside vicious sexism & rape denialism, it is amusing when RW white (& white collar) elites try to pander to their blue collar marks."

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An interview with Melissa Ponzio from Teen Wolf at DefectiveGeeks.com.

She was so nice, you guys.

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